Activities and Outputs

Planned activities

  • Workshops with interested clinics to develop appropriate institutional approaches.
  • Annual meetings with interested persons from the medical faculties of the Universities of Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich.
  • Tour d'horizon with professors who already have experience with institutional approaches to promote junior academic leaders in medicine.
  • Event with experts in the field of institutional junior leadership policy.
  • Communication in internal university media.

Completed Activities



  • Data collection on: evolution of the proportion of female professors of medicine between 2010 and 2020 at the five medical faculties, existing measures in the area of equal opportunities at the five medical faculties.
  • Bilateral discussions with those responsible for equal opportunities at the medical faculties.
  • Further bilateral discussions with those responsible for equal opportunities in the medical faculties and agreement on next steps in the project.


First Divmed Workshop, 26. August 2021

The commissioners for equal opportunities of the medical faculties of the Universities of Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich met for the first time at the end of August as part of the swissuniversities-funded national cooperation project Divmed - "More Diversity among Young Medical Executives". In addition to the enriching exchange on the status of diversity policies at the various medical sites, the participants identified a common problem area: there is a lack of knowledge about why many female physicians leave university hospitals, especially at the level of senior physician. To close this knowledge gap, the equal opportunity commissioners launched concrete steps for the coming weeks.


CHESS talk «Geteilte Führung in der Medizin - ein Zukunftsmodell?», Monday 8. November 2021

CHESS lecture

The podcast of the event can be found here (german). PD Dr. med. et phil. Kristina Keitel, Dr. med. et MME Isabelle Steiner (Co-Heads of the Emergency Center for Children and Adolescents at Inselspital Bern), Prof. em. Dr. med. Klara Landau (Delegate for Continuing Medical Education and Equality at the University Hospital Zurich (USZ)) and Prof. Dr. med. Dagmar Keller (Director of the Institute of Emergency Medicine USZ) discussed the experiences and challenges of top sharing models in medicine.

Article in Inselnews: «Die Klinik erhält durch unser Tandem quasi zwei für eins», 17. November 2021

Beitrag Inselnews


The need for future-oriented leadership models in healthcare is growing. Kristina Keitel and Isabelle Steiner, chief physicians and co-heads of the emergency center for children and adolescents at Inselspital, spoke about the opportunities of dual leadership in medicine at the CHESS talk «Geteilte Führung in der Medizin - ein Zukunftsmodell?». Article


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