Project Decription

Divmed is a collaborative project between the Universities of Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich and is carried out within the framework of the swissuniversities program P7 "Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunities in the Development of Higher Education Institutions" 2021 - 2024. It aims to disseminate existing approaches to promote diversity and equal opportunities among junior academic leaders in medicine across the faculties and to develop and implement new measures together with local actors. The measures will be accompanied in their implementation and evaluated in order to derive best practice recommendations. In addition, Divmed places special emphasis on inter-university exchange and knowledge transfer.


Project goals

The project pursues three goals:

  • Collect and disseminate existing measures to promote equal opportunity and diversity among the junior medical leaders.
  • Develop and implement new institutional approaches in collaboration with interested professors.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of new institutional measures and development of best practice recommendations, taking into account local characteristics.

Target group

The project addresses two target groups:

  • Physicians with a doctorate degree who aspire an academic career, who are involved in teaching and who are on the path to habilitation or have already completed it.
  • Other persons in the medical faculties who are responsible for the implementation of measures (e.g. presidents of the faculty commissions for equality and promotion of young academics, persons responsible for diversity at the administrative level, professors of medicine who are interested in the topic or who already implement institutional measures in their field of work.)

Focus on two levels of action

Interfaculty knowledge transfer

As a collaborative effort, the project is designed to facilitate the exchange of knowledge among medical faculties in the area of diversity and equal opportunity and offers participants the possibility to share experiences, best practices, and challenges in the implementation of institutional measures and to learn from each other.

Local implementation of measures

The project provides information about the dissemination of institutional measures to promote equal opportunity and shows which approaches are effective in medicine. The project supports interested professors in developing, implementing, and evaluating new measures.

Partner institutions